Our Story

We are confident that, with our superior advantages, we will be your choicest of high efficency energy saving system provider.

Industrial System Supply & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (abbreviated as ISSES) is a professional system integrator contractor founded in 1992.

Not only do we possess numerous professional accreditations, we also receive strong technical reinforcement from top-notch international machine suppliers.

Over the years, ISSES has made a national and international reputation through its superior advantages and engineering quality, establishing a good name in multiple industrial arenas.

You are welcome to know ISSES better.


A world-class provider of highly efficient and energy saving system.


1. To provide our customers with the highly efficient energy saving system, resulting in cost savings and high throughput.
2. To maximize our shareholders’ value with profitable and sustainable growth, upholding the highest level of integrity and trust in our business practices.
3. To nurture high performing innovative talent with a systematic capacity building and profit-sharing program.


To fulfill ISSES’s vision and mission, we strive to be EXCELLENT in the personification of the 3 core values (i.e. termed as “IPQ”) listed below as our organizational culture:


To practice integrity in the way we care for each other and our clients, exercise of fairness in all our business dealings, and creation of trusting working environment with an innovative culture that is supportive towards our organizational growth.


To develop a collaborative team (i.e. through co-creation) with the highest level of professionalism conditioned for peak performance with our fellow colleagues, clients, and strategic partners.


To nurture highly motivated quality people with high quality throughput for our clients, through on-going leadership training as a learning organization, with constant knowledge and skill sharing.