The Team

Professional Elite Team

We have organized an elite team of specialists to create top quality engineering works of high performance and unparalleled energy economy.

ISSES owns an R&D factory of 40,000 square feet in Selangor, Malaysia. There is a solid management framework in place to oversee a few departments, with each department pursuing a distinct field of work.

ISSES’s professional elite team consists of mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and supplier-assigned specialists. With so many talents in various expertise, we vow to construct the best engineering feat in system integration.

Rest assured that your project is placed in the most capable hands - a team that is going to bring you higher performance and energy economy.

Core Value

High performance and high energy saving can maximize profits for your enterprise.

ISSES’s core value is what we are most confident and proud of - high performance and high energy economy.

High performance refers to high efficiency and desired results from machines. In terms of efficiency and precision, our works bring better profits and more superior competitiveness to our clients.

High energy economy refers to reduced energy consumption and/or lessened environmental pollution. Our energy saving solution lowers production cost and generates maximum profits for enterprises.

'High performance and high energy economy' is the ultimate core value that we uphold and emboss in every engineering work.

Corporate Culture

Responsibility and the courage to take up challenges are an important part of our corporate culture.

ISSES dares to challenge and take up responsibility, 2 important assets in its corporate culture.

Responsibility: we are fully responsible for our service quality and engineering quality in every project.

Challenges: we firmly believe that for ISSES to grow, we must have the courage to take up challenges. Though we face new challenges frequently and constantly, we shall sail through them with confidence and experience.